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Warwickshire Vein Centre is a collaboration between two consultant surgeons who have worked together for many years. Their aim is to provide expert care to patients with a wide variety of leg vein conditions by combining modern techniques with years of clinical experience.

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Complications of Varicose Veins




This is painful inflammation of a varicose vein because of a local thrombosis (clot) forming in the vein. In the acute stages, phlebitis is treated by elevation and anti-inflammatory medication, and may take several weeks to settle. However, phlebitis commonly recurs, and varicose veins affected by phlebitis should be considered for treatment. The Consultants at the Warwickshire Vein Centre are able to advise on the best course of treatment for this condition.


Skin staining


A brown pigment in the skin around the ankle is a complication of varicose veins that is caused by red blood cells leaking into the skin. Patients can find this unsightly and it is a sign that the skin is being damaged. After successful treatment of your leg veins, the brown pigment should not progress and may even fade. However many patients experience long term discolouration of the skin.


Varicose eczema


A red, scaly and sore looking skin around the ankle is the sign of varicose eczema. This is a concern because it means the skin is inflamed and damaged due to high pressure in the veins, and can lead on to the development of leg ulcers. Following successful treatment of your leg veins, the eczema should improve in a small number of weeks and the skin look more healthy.


Varicose ulcers


Varicose ulcers occur on the ankles of some patients with varicose veins, although most will not develop this severe complication. The ulcers are unpleasant and painful, require constant dressing and can become infected.

Success in healing varicose ulcers is often a combination of treating any existing varicose veins, and carefully applying support bandaging to the area. With specialist assessment and treatment, most varicose ulcers can be healed in a small number of weeks.


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